Butterfly Days deliver Health and Social Care Workshops & Qualifications
Butterfly Days deliver Health and Social Care Workshops & Qualifications   


We have a wide ranging and solid experience in the field of Care from Management to Training & Qualifications specialising in the Adult Health Care sector. Supporting both residential homes & Domiciliary Care Support.


You can be sure that we will improve the skills of your workforce to assist your business to meet CQC Regulation 18 on Staffing


Fully qualified Assessor with

many years experience in the field 

Our Promise 

We will make every effort to provide students and candidates with the best value and highest quality training and qualification support throughout their learning journey.

From Workshops to Qualifications

Make sure your Care Support business has an audit trail of training for your staff meeting Regulation 18 of the CQC regulations on staffing.


     Our One Day Workshops start from                       just £25.00


We also offer:

Bookkeeping & Payroll Support

Management Support/Consultation






EMail:  Hilary at h.watts@butterflydays.co.uk for more information or complete and return our contact form to arrange a meeting to discuss how our training can meet your needs.

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